The retail industry is competitive. Make sure you come out on top by managing your listings & reputation.

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Reputation Management

retail reputation management

Managing online reputation is important for companies in every industry. However, it is especially important in the retail field when all it takes is a coupon or a newer, trendier product to lure customers away that you have worked so hard to secure.

A single negative comment about your company online can undo all the hard work you have performed to build its image. This can happen so quickly that you don’t even know about it, let alone have a chance to respond. Many shoppers use review sites, social media, and online directories every day. They tend to trust what they read there even more than a recommendation from friends or family. Being aware of these sites and monitoring them frequently is essential to reputation management. It a competitive industry, you can’t take any chances with your reputation.

Industry Statistics

To say that it’s a different world today than it was even 10 years ago is an understatement. Consider these statistics:


Two-thirds of people state that reading a review and comments or writing one influences what they decide to buy online


One-third of people admit that their mobile device is their main form of researching and buying a product


Slightly more than half of all people in developed countries purchase products online every week or month

Benefits of Review Ninja for Retail Businesses

Capitalize on local search results

People who conduct a local Internet search are the most likely to visit your retail establishment in person. Three of four people who enable location search on their mobile devices visit the store within 24 hours and approximately 28 percent of those make a purchase. Review Ninja enables you to maximize return on local searches.

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Let your customers take you wherever they go

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Our network provides unparalleled distribution of location data to Facebook, Google, and more than 100 other third-party maps, applications, and social networks. When consumers search on mobile devices and desktops, you can count on them seeing your store listing. Even better, we guarantee they will always see the most up-to-date information about your business.

Gain new customers by getting a competitive edge

Local listings need to be different from the competition to attract a potential customer’s attention. Review Ninja offers CTAs and promotional links that you choose for one or several locations. Whether you decide to promote in-store offers, seasonal specials, or everyday low prices, you gain customer loyalty by offering them an incentive. A featured message connects with them on a personal level and gets them to follow-up with a visit, purchase, or both.

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Adapt to the demands of the situation

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Outdated and inaccurate information frustrates customers, some of whom may never return. Make sure that data such as special holiday hours, location changes, new store openings and closings are always up-to-the-minute with Review Ninja software. We provide real-time updates to maps, applications, and social networks that your customers use every day.