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When you control your online reputation, you sell more properties. It’s as simple as that.

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Reputation Management

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Real estate is a rewarding career that takes a tremendous amount of hard work to achieve success. Your reputation is literally everything. After all you have put into your career, you don’t want to lose a potential client because of something he or she read about you online that may not even be true.

Statistics to Ponder

Numbers often tell the most compelling story. Consider these statistics:

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Four of five prospective home buyers conduct their search online


Home buyers use an iPhone in their search 52 percent of the time


People looking to buy a home select a realtor based on Internet reviews 62 percent of the time

J.D. Power recently conducted a survey of first-time real estate clients. A full one-third of them stated their agent’s reputation was the main reason for choosing him or her. Consider things from your client’s perspective. A home is the biggest financial, and often emotional, investment of a lifetime. It only makes sense that clients consider their realtor’s trustworthiness to be of utmost importance. Online reputation matters in any business, but it is especially critical in real estate.

Benefits of Review Ninja for Realtors

Find new clients wherever they are

We are the leading reputation management software company for realtors seeking clients who are actively searching for a home or investment property.

Review Ninja’s mobile application makes it easy to manage your reputation on the go. It includes all the features of our desktop application, including the ability to automatically send email review requests and SMS to clients. They then have the option to write a new review right from their tablet or phone. You can also monitor new activity from dozens of review sites in real-time. One of our key features is auto-promotion of your most favorable client reviews directly to your real estate website, social media sites, search engines, and more than 50 consumer sites. All this takes place from a single dashboard.

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Achieve higher rankings

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You can’t afford to overlook local listings when they are the third highest influencing factor in search engine rankings. Local listings connect people searching for a new home with realtors in the neighborhood where they desire to live. Keeping your contact information and business details updated across more than 50 review sites ensures that people can easily find your real estate company when they conduct a local search.

Increase client satisfaction by engaging with them in real time

Online reviews and ratings are an essential part of the decision-making process when it comes to selecting a realtor. Review Ninja’s dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor your online reviews and ratings from Facebook, Google, and other big players.

With our social listening software, you can read what clients are posting about you in real-time and respond to negative feedback before the issue escalates. We direct negative feedback to you immediately for prompt resolution, which keeps it away from the eyes of potential clients.

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Let your happy clients advertise for you

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Review Ninja allows you to auto-publish your best reviews to any site that you manage. This can be your blog, website, social site, or whatever else you choose. Our program prompts satisfied home buyers to share their positive feedback to the leading sites as well as recommend you through word of mouth advertising. Once you have established a reputation as a reliable realtor, more home buyers will trust you to help them locate their dream home.