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As a home service provider, your online reputation means everything. People turn to the Internet to search for providers more than any other source. If they find bad reviews about your company, they may take their business elsewhere. Monitoring your online reputation is crucial because it allows you to counter any bad publicity about your services and brand.

A recent consumer study indicates that 78 percent of people search for home services online and 80 percent state that a bad review influenced their purchasing decision. Online reputation management (ORM) makes it possible for you to respond to poor reviews as soon as they appear. This proactive approach also allows you to take advantage of positive reviews so they dominate search results and push the negative ones down further where fewer people are likely to see them.

Important Industry Statistics to Consider


44 percent of people search for plumbers and other home service professionals online


90 percent of respondents stated that positive reviews affected their purchasing decision and 86 percent said the same thing about negative reviews


86 percent are willing to pay more for a home services provider with high ratings and positive reviews

Benefits of Review Ninja for Home Service Professionals

Manage your business reputation on the go

Our mobile app makes it easy for you to control your company’s online reputation wherever you are. You can even read new reviews and send feedback requests to clients while you’re moving from one job to the next.

Our program allows you to access real-time reports of ratings and reviews, monitor new activity from various review sites, and automatically promote your most favorable client reviews to your social media channels, search engines, company website, and consumer sites like Angie’s List. Best of all, you can do all this from a single dashboard.

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Get higher Google rankings

improved google ranking

People who need a quick fix for a problem with their home search for local listings online. In fact, local listings come in third for the most influential search engine rankings factor. You can ensure that your company is easily found by keeping updated business information across more than 50 online review sites. When you make a correction on your Review Ninja dashboard, it updates all sites automatically.

Choose your best reviews to automatically publish on social media sites as well as microsites built by Review Ninja. We optimize your microsites for search engines so Google indexes them favorably.

Boost company ratings by proactively managing reviews

Customers are always talking, and you can hear what they have to say with our social listening software. It allows you to monitor your business reviews from sites like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, CitySearch, Facebook, and Google from a single dashboard.

Social listening makes it possible to respond to negative reviews on the spot before the issue escalates and more people read the words of disgruntled clients. We keep negative feedback private by submitting it to you directly for resolution.

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Promote you best reviews automatically

review promotion

Your customers are happy with your services, so why not let them advertise for you? Our program automatically publishes reviews you choose on any site you manage.

You can easily prompt customers who left a positive review to share their feedback on sites that matter to your business, creating a more positive reputation for your company across the Internet.